Each week we invite a bunch of friends to join us around the grill for great food, great conversation and lots of laughs. Who’s At The Cottage is hosted by Maureen Norman with co-hosts Mary Ellen Lett (MEL), Chris Worth and Andy Elder, our grill master. Maureen, Andy and Chris are all lifelong cottagers. They’re on a mission to get MEL to take the plunge.

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Additional Notes

Maureen Norman
Maureen Norman grew up in the city but loves to get away to the cottage. She’s been a guest, a renter and an owner and has lots of stories and plenty of laughs to share. When she’s not sitting on the dock or swinging in the hammock she can be found in the city dabbling in advertising, technology and media.

Mary-Ellen Lett
Mary-Ellen Lett, aka “MEL” to her friends, spent her career in media before venturing into the world of podcasting. Her love of travel was ignited by childhood family camping trips all over North America and since then, she’s travelled near and far. While world travel appeals to her so does venturing to a getaway closer to home. She is currently grappling with the idea of maybe one day owning a cottage but in the meantime, she’ll be content as a guest.

Andy Elder
Andy Elder is the owner and chief grill master at Grilltime in Toronto. He’s a top shelf food guy who spent 25 years in the restaurant industry before going deep into his real passion – grillin’ for a livin’. When he’s not at the shop you’ll find him grillin’ and chillin’ at his cottage in Bobcaygeon.

Christopher Worth
Christopher Worth was born and raised in, what was then considered cottage country, Barrie, ON. Now living and working in Toronto, he keeps one foot firmly planted in the city but his other foot makes sure he’s got a toe in the water at the cottage!