When you read the news, or turn on the TV…the world can seem pretty bleak. It’s so easy to feel burnt out by statistics, reports, and predictions.

But amidst the chaos, are the amazing human beings working the frontlines. From nurses to physicians to volunteers. Their stories of connection, caring and generosity are unfolding right now.

And we want to share them on the new podcast, Notes from the Frontline.

Each week the podcast highlights a remarkable story from frontline workers and the people supporting them. From funny, to heart-warming, to empowering – listen to the stories that are making a positive difference in this world.

If you or someone you know has a powerful personal story about or related to a frontline worker, email us at podcast@entonegroup.com.

Produced By: Kimberly Hacuman, Adrian Muhajarine, Allison Brough, Global TV

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