Did Godzilla really exist?
Can the moon actually affect human behaviour?
Do people only use 10% of their brain?

Join The Reality Check team as they use science and critical thinking to analyze, investigate and distinguish between fact and fiction. Covering a wide range of controversies and curiosities, and using science and critical thinking on the podcast for over seven years, TRC episodes have been downloaded more than three million times on iTunes, and they’ve covered everything from the physics of superheroes to the science behind “resting bitch face.”

Broaden your mind and challenge your perceptions with The Reality Check each week as they make you laugh at, learn, and love reality.

Cristina Roach (Toronto), Producer Pat (Toronto), Darren McKee (Ottawa), Adam Gardner (Ottawa)



About the Hosts

Darren McKee

After surviving the crash from Krypton, Darren studied psychology and public policy. As host of The Reality Check, he believes that critical thinking should be promoted in all areas of life. He delights in the discoveries and power of Science, but also thinks it is important to highlight its limitations. Darren appreciates exploring the intersection of rationality and morality, which you’ll hear on the podcast and can see in his talks on Effective Altruism. Darren invites you not just to think better, but to act better.

Adam Gardner

When not fighting evil by moonlight, Adam likes to tackle fun claims regarding vampires and zombies, science fiction and pretty much anything to do with cats. With a background in Computer Engineering, he applies a logical way of thinking about any topic, no matter how serious – or silly. Always happy to look on the lighter side of an issue, Adam takes any opportunity to crack a joke during the show. He’s never seen a microphone he didn’t like.

Cristina Roach

A JUNO and Platinum award winning music publicist by trade, Cristina is a nerd at heart with a penchant for science communication. After doing voice overs for TRC’s intro and outro theme, she appeared as a guest panelist several times before joining the show as a weekly co-host. Cristina lends a female perspective to the mix and is particularly passionate about debunking health myths perpetuated by celebrities. When taking time from busting bogus claims, you’ll probably find her at a Toronto Raptors game.

Producer Pat

The engine that keeps TRC going, Pat holds a “PhD from the University of Rock n’ Roll”. A former professional musician, producer and self-professed Science geek, he has an insatiable interest in astronomy and astrophysics. Pat’s goal is to help educate average people, like himself, to question anything that sounds too good to be true. Whether writing music, editing or listening to podcasts, he spends most of his life with headphones on. Pat and Cristina also create science-themed parodies from popular music that sometimes kick off the show.