How can your brand
reach others through storytelling?

Storytelling leads to engaged listeners

Entertainment One are global experts on quality content and impactful storytelling. Our network brings in over half a million downloads a month reaching over 127 countries, with award winning shows including: Our Fake History and Turn Me On.

  • It’s a growing market with dedicated and engaged listeners. Weekly podcast listeners listen to approx. 7 podcasts a week (about 6.5+ Hours!)

  • 71% of listeners are in household incomes over $75k (51% over $75K and 20% at $100K - $150K)

  • Podcast advertising revenue hit an estimated $479 million in 2018 (53% percent bump from $314 million in 2017), IAB and PwC reports. They are forecasting that the industry will reach $1 billion by 2021.

  • Female listenership is the fastest growing market with a 20% increase year over year (4.6 hours per week in 2017 to 5.5 hours per week in 2018, a 20 percent uptick year-over-year)

Advertising Opportunities

What is a dynamic ad?
An advertisement pre-recorded (ideally host-read) that is embedded to the entire back catalogue of available podcast episodes. This ensures your brand makes use of all the episodes that have been released (or will be released) and that your brand is always new and current!

We offer dynamic ad insertions that have the capacity to be geotargeted to your preferred location.

You can have access to hundreds of back catalogue episodes, accessing thousands of engaged listeners.

Original Podcasts
Featuring Your Brand

Branded podcasts are the new way of elevating your brand.
Our method is to understand your brand’s message, while still maintaining
a strong ear for story-telling and keeping the listeners engaged.

Our Partners & Past Clients

Case Studies

eOne has access to the best writers and producers in not only podcasting – but film, TV, music, and even VR. We are a team of creative storytellers who can work with you to make a compelling story with your brand.

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