Since launching, the network:

  • 13 podcasts and growing
  • 7 million listeners in the United States
  • 3.5 million listeners in Canada
  • Overseas listenership from South Korea, Russia, Australia, and Japan and over 500,000 listeners in the UK
  • Secured partnerships with HelloFresh, J.P. Wisers’, Audible, Freshbooks and more

Advertising opportunities include:

  • Host read advertising, dynamic insertions on the entire catalogue
  • Branded episodes and miniseries
  • Branded social media posts

  • NEW! Secret Location: The Podcast

    Secret Location is a multi-Emmy winning content studio, creating entertainment and narrative experiences for emerging platforms, including this podcast!

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  • Notes From The Frontline!
    A podcast dedicated to Nurses, Doctors, and Volunteers

    Amidst the pandemic, are the amazing human beings working the frontlines. From nurses to physicians to volunteers. Their stories of connection, caring and generosity are unfolding right now.

    About Podcast
  • Entertainment One’s Podcast Network

    Home to authentic voices in Comedy, Arts, Health, Politics, History and more…

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  • Elevate your brand awareness with podcasting!

    Branded podcasts are the new way of elevating your brand. Our method is to understand your brand’s message, while maintaining a strong ear for story-telling and listeners engagement.

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